Gratz on Takeaways
December 11, 2014

XAM Sports Personnel

Shawn Smith
Marketing & Media Relations (Madison Office)

As Co-Founder and Director of Marketing and Media Relations for X-A-M Sports, Shawn brings over fifteen years of experience marketing professional athletes and working with the media. She holds two Masters Degrees, receiving high honors in both, and is regarded as one of the most effective and creative marketing and media professionals in the industry.
Shawn ensures that X-A-M’s clients receive ample opportunities off the field including product endorsements, autograph appearances, corporate events, football camps, charity events, speaking engagements and private foundations, just to name a few. She works with national companies such as Pepsi, Nike, Reebok,
Under Armour, Gatorade, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Verizon Wireless, Eastbay and LRG. Shawn also maintains contacts with a vast array of local companies including auto and cell phone dealerships, banks, sporting goods and memorabilia stores, restaurants and health clubs.
Shawn’s broad network of national media contacts includes ESPN’s Sports Center, Fox Sports, Jim Rome Show, MTV, SIRIUS NFL Radio, ESPN Radio, USA Today, People Magazine, Sports Illustrated and ESPN Magazine. She ensures that X-A-M’s clients receive positive media exposure that helps advance their careers and maintain a positive image in the community. Shawn also maintains social media for X-A-M’s clients, helps form and manage their private foundations and assists them in connecting with their local communities through appearances and charitable work.
Shawn resides in Madison, Wisconsin, with her husband and two children.